Daily Basketball Tips

Since its invention by James Naismith in the end of the 19th Century, basketball have gone a long way to the modern and attractive game it is now. Popularized by world known players like Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and LeBron James, today basketball is one of the most loved and most expensive sports on the planet.

This is the reason why basketball is very popular among sports bettors at different parts of the world as well. This sport offers a lot of possibilities of making money online, especially if you know one or two things about the sport. But don’t worry – even if you’re not the biggest basketball specialist on Earth, our professional tipsters got you covered. You will be getting the best basketball tips with the best odds. Our goal is to improve your efficiency and of course – help you make some more money by your betting activity.

Of course, the most popular basketball league we are about to follow is the NBA. This is where you are going to find not just the best teams from the USA and Canada, but also the best basketball players on Earth. And the best paid as well. Separated on the so called Eastern and Western Conferences, the NBA is the league which offers the biggest attraction in this sport. And which generates the biggest interest for the sport, too.

When the regular season at the NBA finishes, this is when the most interesting part begins. With you, we are going to follow the always dramatic playoffs, which are eventually going to determine the new champion of the league. Betting on NBA games is a very exciting experience, because these players really know how to captivate your attention and make you glue to your seat.

There’s also a women’s division of the NBA, called WNBA. It doesn’t generate the same interest among the public as the NBA, but it still deserves some attention.

Of course, basketball is very popular in Europe as well. The biggest competition in European basketball is the Euroleague. This is like the NBA of Europe. The only difference is that the teams who participate in the Euroleague also play in their domestic leagues as well, so this is not their only field during the the season. The Euroleague debuted as the FIBA European Champions Cup in 1958. In 2001 the competition was renamed to Euroleague.

The Euroleague consists of 16 teams, which you won’t be mistaken if you call the best in Europe. In this tournament you are going to find the champions of the best domestic leagues on the continent, plus other teams from the most important leagues. The culmination of the competition comes with the so called Final Four, when the best four teams during the season are fighting for the trophy and the gold medals.

The EuroCup is another European competition, which consists of 24 teams from different countries of Europe. It is a lower level competition, compared to the Euroleague. The team which wins the EuroCup, also qualifies for the next edition of the Euroleague. Except of the trophy and the prize money, this is also a big stimul for the participating teams to win the tournament.

Except the NBA, the Euroleague and the EuroCup, we follow closely other important competitions as well. We are ready to offer you tips from our professional tipsters on different domestic leagues and competitions from different continents. We are also looking for the best odds you can be offered on the market.

What type of basketball bet types we are covering? Well, the simple answer is the best answer – all of them. The truth is that the market offers you a lot of options to choose from. We choose our picks very carefully and based on the individual features of every game in question. Let’s have a look at some of the bet types you are going to find here, coming from the hands of our tipsters.

Point Spreads – this is the most common bet when it comes to basketball. But what a point spread actually means? Well, imagine this – let’s say that Team A and Team B are facing each other. Team A is -5.5, while Team B is +5.5. If you select Team A for the win, then Team A must win the game with at least 6 points of difference (because they started the game with a 5.5 points deficit). And the opposite – if you select Team B, then Team B must avoid losing with more than 5 points.

Over/Unders – just like betting on football, for example, the Over/Unders are very popular in basketball, too. Here you must predict the total amount of points which are going to be scored by the two teams in the game. Let’s give you an example. If you bet on an Over 195 points for the game in question, this means that the two teams must score themselves at least 196 points in order for you to win. It doesn’t really matter which one of the two teams is going to win the match. The only thing you care about is the total amount of points. Here you must be very precise – always know the mentality of the two teams in question. If they are offensive minded – more points are going to be scored. And the opposite.

Money Lines – if you are confident that one of the two teams is going to win, but you don’t want to risk on betting on a point spread, you can always use the good old money lines. Your goal here is just to pick the winner of the game in question.

Parlays – because betting on more than just one team is even funnier. During the parlays you pick more than one games to bet on and more than one team to win. To be your parlay successful, you have to be one hundred percent efficient. Of course, more the games – bigger the risk.

These are some of the most common type of bets you can find on basketball games. Of course, how we said – we are covering many different ones as well. Trust our professional tipsters and we are sure that you will be satisfied. Good luck!