Daily Tennis Tips

Tennis is arguably one of the biggest and best paid sports in the world. If you are a tennis player on a professional level and you are among the best in the world, chances are that you are already a millionaire. But if you can’t make money by playing tennis, you can make by betting on tennis.

We have a team of professional tipsters who are always aware of what’s going on in the tennis world. They cover not just the the big Grand Slam and Masters tournaments, but the smaller competitions as well. As experienced and successful tipsters, you can trust their judgment.

Tennis has developed itself into a very commercial sport in the last twenty years or so. Now the biggest tournaments in the world have enormous prize money funds. As the interest about the sport increases, we can say that the revenues from betting on tennis also increases.

But which are the biggest competitions in the tennis world you can bet on?

The four biggest tournaments in the tennis world are the so called “majors” or the tournaments from the Grand Slam – Australian Open, Roland Garros, Wimbledon and US Open. They offer not just the biggest amount of ranking points for the winner, but also the biggest amount of money. The tournaments in Australia and USA are played on hard courts, the French Open is played on clay courts and Wimbledon is being played on grass.

Australian Open – this is the first Grand Slam tournament for the year. The competition is being played in the city of Melbourne. Prior 1988, the tournament had been played on grass courts. The prize money of the Australian Open are equal to 55 million Australian dollars.

French Open (Roland Garros) – the second Grand Slam tournament on the calendar and the only one that’s being played on clay courts. Just like the grass, the clay surface is very different from the hard courts and requires a special type of preparation and performance in order to succeed. The prize money of the French Open is currently estimated to 39,197,000 dollars.

Wimbledon – many tennis fans believe that this is the most prestigious tournament on Earth. Played on grass surface, the game there is usually very fast and attractive to watch. Some of the greatest tennis matches in history have happened at the All England Club. This is the favourite tournament of not just many tennis players, but a lot of fans as well. The prize money of Wimbledon reaches 34 million pounds, which is surely an impressive number.

US Open – held in the always lively city of New York, the US Open is the biggest tennis tournament being held on the territory of the United States. Held at the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center, the US Open is the last Grand Slam tournament for the year.

Talking about men’s tennis, the ATP World Tour Masters 1000 are the most prestigious competitions after the Grand Slam and the ATP finals. The competition takes the players to places like of Indian Wells, Miami, Monte Carlo, Madrid, Rome, Canada, Cincinnati, Snanghai and Paris. These tournaments ensure a lot of points and money for the best players, so the competition there is pretty serious.

After the ATP World Tour Masters 1000, the next big tournaments for the male players are the ATP 500 and the ATP 250. We also cover them and we ensure the best picks for them, based on the professional knowledge of our tipsters.

What type of bets you can make on tennis matches? Well, there are a lot of options, of course. Just like any other popular sport, tennis is offering a lot of opportunities. If you make the right calls, you can enjoy a pretty good profit from betting on this beautiful sport.

Here are some of the main types of betting on tennis matches:

Match Betting

You bet on the result of the match in question. Who is about to win and in how many sets? If you want better odds, you have to guess not just who is going to win, but in how many sets he or she is going to do it.

Winner of the Tournament 

You pick a tournament you are going to follow and you bet on who is about to win it. This is not an easy bet, because very often there are a lot of surprises that happen on the different competitions. Sometimes the favourites are losing and it’s completely normal. In other cases, there are more than one favourites to win and it’s hard to pick the one who is about to clinch the title.

Handicap Betting 

The concept here is pretty much similar to the handicap bets in other sports. Explained in a few words, you are giving a few games advantage or dissadvantage to a specific player, improving your odds for the match in question. It could be a little bit risky, but if it’s played right, the handicap is a pretty good way to make even more money than usual.

Over/Under Betting 

With how many games a particular tennis match is going to end? What you have to do here is guess if the games in the match in question are going to be under or over a specific number. You need a really good knowledge about the players and the match in order to enjoy success in a specific bet like this.

Correct Score

This bet is really specific. You have to guess the correct score of a set or the entire result of a tennis game. Just like in other sports, this is really difficult thing to do, but pretty much rewardable in terms of profit. You can also bet on the margin of a victory in a match.

These are just some of the bets you can make in tennis. If you can do it by yourself and you have enough knowledge of the sport – it would be great. But if you need help, trust our professional tipsters to do the job for you.